EK 132: Introduction to Robotics

Lab material
  Course information: This course is a hands-on introduction to robotics.  It provides an overview of basic concepts in mobile robotics, including mechanics, electronics, classic algorithms for motion planning, control strategies, and programming architectures. During the labs, the students will be provided with robotic kits and will use the material taught in the class to build and program a set of robots. The class will end with a competition among the teams, which will consist of the successful completion of simple tasks. 


Instructors: Calin Belta, 15 Saint Mary's St., Room EMB147, Tel: 617 353 9586, Email: cbelta at bu dot edu

                   Claudiu Lefter, 15 Saint Mary's St., Room EMB145, Tel: 617 353 1001, Email: clefter at bu dot edu




Oct 23, 2006 The location and time changed for both lectures and labs.
  Lectures: Mon 3-5 EMA 222
  Lab: Wed 4-6 EMA 222

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